A to Z - A World Beyond Oil

All of us in the WWO community who have spent months documenting the crisis – we won’t just forget it. We know we’ve done something important. We’ve shown the world what it looks like, what it sounds like, what it feels like -- even what it smells like and what it tastes like! -- to live without oil.


It’s a life most of us never imagined until we lived it. When things got really bad -- I mean really bad -- I kept thinking – we should have thought about this sooner. Maybe then it wouldn’t have been such a shock when it actually happened. But we never figured out how to imagine our world without oil, until it became a reality.


In the end, we managed to snap out of our shock. We put our minds together. We talked about our neighborhoods and our cities. We shared the details of our families' lives. We traded strategies, and we argued about whose strategies were right.


You all came up with so many creative solutions. You gave each other reasons to be optimistic, and tons of ways to make little changes.


So, yeah: People working together, sharing ideas, and experimenting with different ways of going about their everyday lives. That’s how I plan to remember the Oil Shock of 2007.


Of course, it’s not enough just to remember. To keep us moving forward, from a world without oil to a world beyond oil, Emil and I have put together our complete A to Z kit of life without oil. 

Some of it’s silly, some of it’s serious, and some of it's just plain strange -- and awesome.


Our A-Z list barely scratches the surface—you could make this list a dozen times over and never repeat a story. But for the rest of the big picture, there’s always the full week by week archives on the WWO site. We promise to keep the archive up there.


Because it is truly an amazing story you’ve told.

A World Beyond Oil, from A to Z

Architecture Without Oil 
Breathing Without Oil 

Car Culture Without Oil

Dating Without Oil 

Eating Without Oil 
Fellowship Without Oil

Guerilla Gardening Without Oil     

HealthWithout Oil

Immigration Without Oil
Jobs and More Jobs Without Oil

Knowledge Without Oil

LOL Without Oil

Music Without Oil

Neighborhoods Without Oil

OMG Without Oil

PDAs Without Oil

Quick Thinking Without Oil

Real Estate Without Oil 
Soldiers Without Oil
Teens and More Teens Without Oil
Urban Adventure Without Oil
Vision and More Vision Without Oil
Wacky Without Oil  
Xtreme Partying Without Oil 
Your Mama Without Oil
Zoom Zoom Without Oil


Wanna Dig for Oil? (thanks Patrick!)

Patrick sent me another survivalist game today. He writes: "In a world without oil, citizens are forced to scavenge for everyday necessities. Neighbors compete to survive while trying to maintain some semblance of order in a society rapidly descending into chaos. In an effort to quell violent conflict, citizens created a game to determine ownership of foraged items and to resolve disputes."

I like this one -- not just a game about surviving, but a real tool you can use if you need to settle PEACEFULLY a dispute with a neighbor or stranger over resources. Very cool, Patrick.

You Can Play Pipeline! (thanks Lisa)

Lisa writes:

"Everyone is now feeling the oil crisis. Over the past few weeks I have witnessed a trickling down of anxiety to our kids. At Valley Vista Elementary where I teach, there are fewer and fewer children coming to school and many teachers, especially those who used to drive in from other suburbs, are not making it to work. Since I live in walking distance, I have continued to come in everyday. I am absorbing additional students into my class as I am loosing others who are no longer attending. None of us have the attention span to focus on regular lesson plans, so we are inventing ways to learn and play and cope with the state of our world. Yesterday we decided to invent games that kids could play in our current situation. We talked about oil and how it is usually delivered and changes that we are seeing due to the shortage. With this the students and I came up with a game called Pipeline. There are 2 versions of the game. One that deals with the frustration of the shortage by more aggressively playing with running around and breaking the pipelines of other teams. The second version is more meditative and cooperative in its approach by encouraging teams to work together to build pipelines that can encircle things around us. Play these games with your students and let us know how you like them."

Here are the two games LIsa submitted! I'd love to see photos or hear reports of you guys making your own pipelines...

Wanna play Gas Tank Bandits? (thanks jake!)

Jake, who claims to be from a recently formed group called "People for the Survival of Amusement", writes: "Gas bandits have been plaguing our streets. We must stay positive and respond with playful optimism." Here are his instructions for playing gas bandits! We are definitely playing this at my next ped party.

The Globaly-Local Market Game (thanks, Rusty!)

I got these simulation-game instructions from someone calling himself Rusty, who describes his current location as "undisclosed woods where ya'll can't find me!"and who explains in his email: "I'm writing this at the public library. Once I upload it I'm out of here. I hope its of use to you suckers sticking around."

Thanks Rusty - this is very cool. If anyone practices by playing this game, send stories!

Crazy Experiment #2: Drop Spotting!

This just in from Emil - the first World Without Oil drop spot is live, out in San Francisco.

(What are drop spots?)

I love drop spots. Sneaky, alternative mailboxes hidden in plain sight! Think geocaching, only without the GPS coordinates.

Emil wrote this:

"i've set up a drop spot for exchanging essential goods. hopefully only fellow world without oil heroes will use it. i've kicked it off by leaving one of your favorite books, evie. you were right -- the chapter 1 explanation of how we got into this oil mess was, well, mindblowing just like you said. and the rest of the book should help any wwo hero think of some ways to innovate our way out of this crisis."

I think we should set up drop spots for WWO heroes EVERYWHERE! A network of secret caches for us.

Remember, pick spots near public transportation so folks can get there without driving!

If you set one up, log it on dropspots.org and submit the entry as a story on our 8TSOC site. That's your mission! Got it?

Crazy Experiment #1: Ped Parties!

Emil and I cooked up our first innovation experiment. We're running it ourselves this weekend, on opposite coasts of course, and we're passing it on to you guys, too. 

We've been talking a lot about all of the bad stuff this oil shock is leading to. Maybe we should try to lighten it up a little. Who says you can't have fun in a world without oil?

Our idea is called Ped Parties, and here's how it works.

1. You and a friend (or two) (or a bunch) decide to throw a Ped Party. Pick a date and time, but not a place--yet.

2. Make up a guest list. Email each guest and ask them to report their home address, and how far they are wiling to Ped to get to the party. Guests can be a Pedestrian and walk, or they can Pedal on their bike. No transportation that uses anything other than human fuel allowed! So find out exactly how far each guest is willing to Ped to get to the Party.

3. Once you've collected all your guests data, plot Potential Party circle on a map. Draw a radius for each guest representing the area they are willin go Ped to.

4. Go scout the locations that are within Ped distance of the maximum number of your guests. Pick a party spot somewhere in those locations. It might be someplace weird, or random, public or private! Who knows where you'll find up having a blast?

5.  Email your guests where to go. And remind them: only walking or biking allowed to a Ped Party!

It's that simple!

So who's throwing a Ped Party? I want details! (Bonus points if you show me your map, and super bonus points for photos or videos from the party!)

Reveal your Science Fiction Writer Alter Ego! (it's for the good, I swear)

Some of you may already know that I consider James Tiptree, Jr. -- aka Alice B. Sheldon -- my Science Fiction soulmate. In fact, the story I'm working on now is inspired by Sheldon. It's called "A Momentary Waste of Being." (If you know anything about Sheldon, of course, you totally get that.)

But what I really want to know is.... 

Which science fiction writer are you?

Post your results in the comments, or email them to me. I have a theory about how revealing our secret Science Fiction Writer alter egos might help save the country. And I think if we can classify ourselves according to this text, we can totally organize and think our way to some mindbending solutions. AIM me to discuss!

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too excited?

Emil said tonight that I was tWAY oo excited about April 30. That it's morbid to be looking forward to something that might... you know, wreck the whole country, for a little while. But out of every wreckage a new thing can emerge. And that's what's I'm excited about. Not the trauma, but the potential. A wake up call could be a good thing. Even if it's a painful one. 

Anyway, maybe Emil is just... a little... FRUSTRATED. You know, now that we're living in different states. I don't blame him for taking the job, but I miss the cuddle time. It makes me a little cranky too.

The unexpected upside: him being gone gives me more time to work on the Action Plan. Code name: bioMimesis. 

Not that everyone in the 8TSOC thinks it's a Good Action Plan exactly. But there's still five weeks left to convince them!!

Speaking of project bioMimesis... a few links for my new friends who want to Get Ready.

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