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Crazy Experiment #2: Drop Spotting!

This just in from Emil - the first World Without Oil drop spot is live, out in San Francisco.

(What are drop spots?)

I love drop spots. Sneaky, alternative mailboxes hidden in plain sight! Think geocaching, only without the GPS coordinates.

Emil wrote this:

"i've set up a drop spot for exchanging essential goods. hopefully only fellow world without oil heroes will use it. i've kicked it off by leaving one of your favorite books, evie. you were right -- the chapter 1 explanation of how we got into this oil mess was, well, mindblowing just like you said. and the rest of the book should help any wwo hero think of some ways to innovate our way out of this crisis."

I think we should set up drop spots for WWO heroes EVERYWHERE! A network of secret caches for us.

Remember, pick spots near public transportation so folks can get there without driving!

If you set one up, log it on and submit the entry as a story on our 8TSOC site. That's your mission! Got it?

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