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You Can Play Pipeline! (thanks Lisa)

Lisa writes:

"Everyone is now feeling the oil crisis. Over the past few weeks I have witnessed a trickling down of anxiety to our kids. At Valley Vista Elementary where I teach, there are fewer and fewer children coming to school and many teachers, especially those who used to drive in from other suburbs, are not making it to work. Since I live in walking distance, I have continued to come in everyday. I am absorbing additional students into my class as I am loosing others who are no longer attending. None of us have the attention span to focus on regular lesson plans, so we are inventing ways to learn and play and cope with the state of our world. Yesterday we decided to invent games that kids could play in our current situation. We talked about oil and how it is usually delivered and changes that we are seeing due to the shortage. With this the students and I came up with a game called Pipeline. There are 2 versions of the game. One that deals with the frustration of the shortage by more aggressively playing with running around and breaking the pipelines of other teams. The second version is more meditative and cooperative in its approach by encouraging teams to work together to build pipelines that can encircle things around us. Play these games with your students and let us know how you like them."

Here are the two games LIsa submitted! I'd love to see photos or hear reports of you guys making your own pipelines...

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