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A to Z - A World Beyond Oil

All of us in the WWO community who have spent months documenting the crisis – we won’t just forget it. We know we’ve done something important. We’ve shown the world what it looks like, what it sounds like, what it feels like -- even what it smells like and what it tastes like! -- to live without oil.


It’s a life most of us never imagined until we lived it. When things got really bad -- I mean really bad -- I kept thinking – we should have thought about this sooner. Maybe then it wouldn’t have been such a shock when it actually happened. But we never figured out how to imagine our world without oil, until it became a reality.


In the end, we managed to snap out of our shock. We put our minds together. We talked about our neighborhoods and our cities. We shared the details of our families' lives. We traded strategies, and we argued about whose strategies were right.


You all came up with so many creative solutions. You gave each other reasons to be optimistic, and tons of ways to make little changes.


So, yeah: People working together, sharing ideas, and experimenting with different ways of going about their everyday lives. That’s how I plan to remember the Oil Shock of 2007.


Of course, it’s not enough just to remember. To keep us moving forward, from a world without oil to a world beyond oil, Emil and I have put together our complete A to Z kit of life without oil. 

Some of it’s silly, some of it’s serious, and some of it's just plain strange -- and awesome.


Our A-Z list barely scratches the surface—you could make this list a dozen times over and never repeat a story. But for the rest of the big picture, there’s always the full week by week archives on the WWO site. We promise to keep the archive up there.


Because it is truly an amazing story you’ve told.

A World Beyond Oil, from A to Z

Architecture Without Oil 
Breathing Without Oil 

Car Culture Without Oil

Dating Without Oil 

Eating Without Oil 
Fellowship Without Oil

Guerilla Gardening Without Oil     

HealthWithout Oil

Immigration Without Oil
Jobs and More Jobs Without Oil

Knowledge Without Oil

LOL Without Oil

Music Without Oil

Neighborhoods Without Oil

OMG Without Oil

PDAs Without Oil

Quick Thinking Without Oil

Real Estate Without Oil 
Soldiers Without Oil
Teens and More Teens Without Oil
Urban Adventure Without Oil
Vision and More Vision Without Oil
Wacky Without Oil  
Xtreme Partying Without Oil 
Your Mama Without Oil
Zoom Zoom Without Oil


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