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Emil said tonight that I was tWAY oo excited about April 30. That it's morbid to be looking forward to something that might... you know, wreck the whole country, for a little while. But out of every wreckage a new thing can emerge. And that's what's I'm excited about. Not the trauma, but the potential. A wake up call could be a good thing. Even if it's a painful one. 

Anyway, maybe Emil is just... a little... FRUSTRATED. You know, now that we're living in different states. I don't blame him for taking the job, but I miss the cuddle time. It makes me a little cranky too.

The unexpected upside: him being gone gives me more time to work on the Action Plan. Code name: bioMimesis. 

Not that everyone in the 8TSOC thinks it's a Good Action Plan exactly. But there's still five weeks left to convince them!!

Speaking of project bioMimesis... a few links for my new friends who want to Get Ready.

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